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COVID-19 Daily Digest – 3/19/20

Here is a recap of everything related to COVID-19 from the past day:

As of Wednesday afternoon
Wisconsin confirmed cases: 106 (up from 72 Tuesday)
Wisconsin confirmed deaths: 0


  1. Italy announces biggest single-day jump in new COVID-19 cases (4,207 in 24 hours)
  2. Northern Ireland closes schools starting Monday
  3. Portugal declares state of emergency
  4. France fines 4,000 people who broke confinement measures
  5. China reported no new local cases of COVID-19 over 24 hours for the first time since the outbreak started in December
  6. German airline Lufthansa grounds 700 of 763 planes
  7. Austria orders 279 communities to isolate in expansion of federal lockdown
  8. Germany extends border restrictions to air and sea travel
  9. Iran confirmed 149 deaths and 1,046 new cases in 24 hours


  1. The Senate passes coronavirus relief legislation for free COVID-19 testing and paid emergency leave
  2. U.S. Census suspends field operations for two weeks
  3. Ford, Chrysler and General Motors temporarily close all U.S. plants
  4. Military to provide 5 million masks for health care workers
  5. U.S. suspends refugee admissions
  6. Missouri, Connecticut and Michigan report each of their first COVID-19 deaths
  7. New York Stock Exchange to close trading floor Monday after two people tested positive for coronavirus
  8. U.S. cases increase 40% in 24 hours
  9. Alabama Gulf Shore beaches to close Friday
  10. CDC loosens guidelines to allow health care workers exposed to COVID-19 to continue working as long as they wear a mask


  1. Wisconsin restricts childcare centers to no more than 10 staffers and 50 children at any given time
  2. State parks to remain to open to visitors
  3. UW-Whitewater implements online-only classes for remainder of spring semester
  4. Milwaukee County has 47 cases, Dane County has 23. Milwaukee, Dane and Kenosha (4 cases) counties have shown signs of community spread, where doctors are unable to track connections between COVID-19 cases


  1. UW-Madison closes Memorial Union and Union South
  2. UW-Madison closes all libraries until further notice