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COVID-19 Daily Digest – 6/25/20

Here is a recap of everything related to COVID-19 from the past day.

As of Thursday morning:
Wisconsin confirmed cases: 25,820 (up from 25,390 Wednesday)
Wisconsin confirmed deaths: 760 (up from 751)
Wisconsin total hospitalizations: 3,299 (up from 3,268)
Wisconsin current hospitalizations: 239 (down from 240)


  1. World Health Organization: “Pandemic for many countries in the Americas has not peaked;” expects worldwide case count to surpass 10 million within the next week
  2. Chile reports more than 3,000 new COVID-19 cases; more than 2,000 new cases were reported in Iraq
  3. Colombia extends national COVID-19 lockdown until July 15
  4. Brazil reports 42,725 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, marking more than 100,000 new cases over the past three days
  5. Weekly cases in Europe increased for the first time in months with accelerated COVID-19 transmission in 11 countries
  6. An open letter signed by more than 500 former world leaders and Nobel Laureates claims the pandemic has led to an alarming uptick in authoritarian behavior by governments across the globe
  7. Paris has reopened the Eiffel Tower for people to climb the steps, but the elevators will not be operational after closure for 104 days
  8. IHME COVID-19 model projects more than 179,000 deaths in the U.S. by October 1 and 388,300 deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean by the same time
  9. Ecuador warns multiple public hospitals have reached capacity due to COVID-19 hospitalizations
  10. India reports its largest single-day COVID-19 infection increase (16,922) as Delhi surpasses Mumbai as the worst-hit Indian city from the coronavirus
  11. Australia’s Qantas airline cutting at least 6,000 jobs to help recover from COVID-19; German airline Lufthansa reaches $562 million cost cutting deal with reduction in cabin personnel, buyouts for early retirement, lower pension contributions and freeze on pay raises with the guarantee of no layoffs for four years


  1. Another 1.5 million Americans filed initial jobless claims last week to bring the pandemic total to 47.3 million; continued jobless claims, or claims made over two straight weeks, were at 19.5 million
  2. White House economic advisor says there will not be a nationwide shutdown due to rising COVID-19 cases; individual cities, counties or states may consider lockdowns or other quarantine measures
  3. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut say residents from any state with 10 people per 100,000 testing positive for COVID-19 will have to quarantine for 14 days upon entering the states
  4. New York City beaches to reopen for swimming starting July 1; New York City Marathon scheduled for Nov. 1 has been canceled; city may need to lay off as many as 22,000 employees to help cover up to a billion dollar budget deficit
  5. California reports 7,149 new COVID-19 cases over 24 hours, nearly 2,000 higher than any other single-day increase; Los Angeles County surpasses Cook County (Chicago) with most confirmed COVID-19 cases (88,512)
  6. New Jersey to allow museums, aquariums, and indoor recreational facilities to open at 25% capacity; casinos, bowling alleys, batting cages, shooting ranges and boardwalk arcades also can reopen starting July 2
  7. Broward County in Florida defines penalties for businesses who do not comply with reopening guidelines, including forced closure for minimum 24 hours and up to a $15,000 fine; Miami-Dade County reports 27% of tests returned positive on Wednesday
  8. FDA and USDA say there is no evidence people can contract COVID-19 from food
  9. Pregnant women who contract COVID-19 have a higher chance of needing to go to the ICU
  10. Arizona now seeing the highest number of new COVID-19 cases per capita of any state in the country (38 cases per 100,000 people) and more new cases per capita than any state besides New York or New Jersey during the height of outbreaks there; New York’s peak was 51 cases per 100,000 people
  11. Nevada orders people to war face masks in public, including at casinos in Las Vegas
  12. Louisiana governor: “We’re heading in the wrong direction” in the fight against COVID-19; state extends Phase 2 of reopening for another 28 days
  13. Hawaii plans to begin easing travel quarantine on August 1
  14. Macy’s eliminates 3,900 corporate and management jobs across the country


  1. Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee moved out of Fiserv Forum to a virtual convention, delegates told not to travel to Milwaukee
  2. DHS bumps the state’s COVID-19 activity level from “medium” to “high”
  3. Wisconsin Department of Revenue forecast says state should recover 25% of jobs by the third quarter of this year, 75% of jobs by second quarter of 2021; says state and U.S. will take slightly more than two years to recover to pre-COVID-19 levels of employment
  4. There were 432 confirmed COVID-19 cases reported over 24 hours with a 4.2% positivity rate
  5. 78% of all COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin have recovered


  1. UW-Madison researchers join Phase 3 clinical trial of a drug ruxolitinib as a possible prevention of patients’ immune system overreacting and killing both healthy and diseased cells
  2. It’s the third COVID-19 related study UW-Madison researchers are working on; the others are looking at plasma from recovered patients and treatments to prevent blood clots from forming in patients
  3. Three of Dane County’s 32 reported COVID-19 deaths were from patients under the age of 60
  4. Dane County reported 63 new cases Tuesday, the largest single-day spike in cases since the pandemic began