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COVID-19 Daily Digest – 7/24/20

This is the final COVID-19 Daily Digest for UW-Shared Services. Here is a recap of everything related to COVID-19 from the past day.

As of Friday morning:
Wisconsin confirmed cases: 45,958 (up from 45,041 Thursday)
Wisconsin active cases: 9,504 (up from 9,285)
Wisconsin confirmed deaths: 880 (up from 867)
Wisconsin total hospitalizations: 4,273 (up from 4,225)
Wisconsin current hospitalizations: Data not available


  1. Spain’s northern region of Aragon will bring back Phase 2 of the de-escalation process for some counties, limiting capacity of bars and restaurants and gatherings of over 10 are prohibited
  2. The UK to require face coverings starting today in shops, banks, transportation hubs, not required in pubs, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms
  3. Peru issues emergency decree for additional measures in southern region of Arequipa, the new epicenter of COVID-19 in the country with 11,012 cases and 601 deaths as of Wednesday evening; Peru added 3,688 new COVID-19 deaths to its total after an analysis of 20,000 cases from March to June
  4. Uganda reports its first COVID-19 death; South Africa has surpassed 400,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases; Mexico reports 8,438 COVID-19 cases Thursday, its most over 24 hours since the pandemic began
  5. Active COVID-19 cases in France have increased by 26% in the past week, and health minister says “the virus circulation is increasing” yet the country is “very far” from a second wave
  6. China announces $1 billion loan to Latin America and the Caribbean for COVID-19 vaccine access
  7. Immunity study suggests less than 1% of Canadians have had COVID-19; COVID-19 transmission from mothers to babies is unlikely if proper precautions are taken
  8. Brazilian government to halt funding on the country’s largest epidemiological COVID-19 study that looked at the “evolution of the prevalence of infection by COVID-19;” Brazil reports 59,961 new COVID-19 cases, its second-largest single-day increase
  9. Bolivia’s president postpones September 6 election to October 18 with a potential second round of voting on November 29 to implement COVID-19 safety measures
  10. Hong Kong confirms 123 new COVID-19 cases, its third consecutive day with more than 100 new cases; Japan sees largest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases (981)
  11. India to have scaled back Independence Day celebrations on August 15, and government calls for events to be streamed online as country reports a record 49,311 new COVID-19 cases


  1. The U.S. has surpassed 4 million confirmed COVID-19 cases just 15 days after surpassing 3 million cases on July 8; Louisiana has become the 12th state to report at least 100,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began; the U.S. had 68,663 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday and 1,114 deaths, the third consecutive day with at least 1,000 COVID-19 deaths
  2. CDC issued new guidelines on education and childcare in favor or reopening schools by saying extended closures harm children, to keep students in groups or pods to reduce risk, have parents monitor for sign of illness every day and to stay home if sick
  3. Report from the CDC shows 41% of adults in the U.S. have at least one underlying medical condition that may put them at higher risk for sever COVID-19 complications
  4. Dr. Deborah Birx says COVID-19 cases in Texas, California, Arizona and Florida are starting to plateau
  5. New York state is reporting a 13.2% test positivity rate among individuals from the ages of 21-30, up from 9.9% a week earlier; state reports 706 hospitalizations, its lowest number since March 18
  6. Florida reports a record 173 new COVID-19 deaths over 24 hours; city of Miami has issued 115 tickets for mask violations this week and closed 15 businesses for 24 hours or less for violations
  7. Illinois reported 1,624 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, its largest increase since May 25; California reports 157 new COVID-19 deaths on Thursday, its most over 24 hours; Tennessee reports a record 37 new COVID-19 deaths over 24 hours; Missouri sets a record for the second straight day with 1,637 new COVID-19 cases
  8. New Jersey announces $6 million in lease assistance for small businesses to help pay rent in grants up to $10,000
  9. New Mexico delays in-person school through at least Labor Day as state reports a record 343 new COVID-19 cases
  10. President Trump cancels Florida portion of the Republican National Convention next month; Joe Biden plans to accept Democratic nomination in toned-down Milwaukee appearance
  11. Some Louisiana hospitals pause elective surgeries as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise; bars and nightclubs in Indianapolis to close through August 12
  12. Los Angeles County has reported more than 2,000 new COVID-19 cases for four consecutive days


  1. Wisconsin reported 1,052 new COVID-19 cases and 13 deaths as 6.9% of tests returned positive on Thursday
  2. Gov. Evers says he is “looking at” a statewide mask mandate and urges all residents to wear masks even if not required in their area; says he would issue a mask order if he was confident it wouldn’t be challenged in court
  3. Gov. Evers says UW System will have to make cuts to help stabilize state budget; Evers asked state agencies to cut $250 million on Wednesday
  4. Individuals in the 20-29 age range make up about 1/3 of Wisconsin’s new COVID-19 cases
  5. Gov. Evers frees up $46.6 million in CARES Act funding as financial assistance for Wisconsin’s neediest schools, including $10.8 million for Milwaukee Public Schools
  6. Whitefish Bay, a northern suburb of Milwaukee, requires face masks in public buildings when physical distancing is not possible starting today


  1. Dane County has completed more than 125,000 COVID-19 tests with 3,669 returning positive
  2. Hospitalizations in Dane County have dropped to 28, and 5 people are in the ICU, down from 11 earlier this week