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Carla Anderson

Interim Director, Human Resources

Carla has been in the UW System since 2013 when she was named the director of Human Resources of Wisconsin Public Media (comprised of Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio). In that role, she provided strategic and administrative leadership to the Human Resources department. Following, she became a consultant for UW-Shared Services in 2019 as she implemented the department’s Retirement Readiness documentation and training.

Prior to joining UW-Shared Services, Carla had served as a consultant, director, manager and vice president of Human Resources at various institutions. Carla has excelled in giving strategic guidance to all levels of her organizations in previous positions and has spent more than 20 years enjoying the mission-focused work of public media.

Carla has a Bachelor of Arts degree from UW-Madison and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also has become a certified personal and professional coaching coach through the College of Executive Coaching in Arroyo Grande, California.