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Mandatory Employee Training

Service Description

The Mandatory Employee Training service provides the delivery and reporting on required compliance trainings for all institutional employees. The trainings could be required by UW System policy or statute/regulations on the local, state or federal level. Currently, the service includes trainings in:

  • Title IX: Preventing Harassment & Sexual Violence
  • Information Security & Privacy
  • Mandated Reporter (Executive Order 54)

UW-Shared Services will handle several administrative aspects of this service, including:

  • Enrolling employees via automatic email notification, with course reminders until completion
  • Monitoring employee completion status, including creating and sending reports of non-compliance to designated HR staff at institutions for appropriate follow-up
  • Managing the HRS and Canvas Learning Management System integration so that employee completion data is available in HRS
  • Prompting employees to re-enroll in the courses, as required
  • Development of other mandatory training courses


  • Reduces duplicate training efforts across institutions
  • Decreases financial, regulatory and legal risk through standardization and consistency
  • Eases the burden on institutional HR offices

Additional Information

Service charges: Institutions will not be charged for the Mandatory Employee Training service.

Participation: This service is mandatory for comprehensive institutions.


Primary contact:
Kelly Thomas, Assistant Director of Employee Relations & Diversity

Secondary contact:
Derek Allen, HR Compliance Officer