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Procurement Training

Service Description

UW-Shared Services will provide training for procurement professionals. This training can take place in instructor-led formats either by UW-Shared Services experts or institutional procurement staff. The most appropriate method will be determined by the UW-Shared Services procurement staff. The two types of training available include:

  • Request for Bids (RFB) Training – This face-to-face training led by UW-Shared Services experts covers guidelines and rules for purchasing goods and services. State statutes, UW System policies and best practices will also be addressed.
  • Procurement 101 Training – This on-location, face-to-face training led by institutional procurement staff covers all aspects of purchasing. Institutional procurement staff may access these materials by completing a request form.


  • Consistent, standardized training which decreases the financial, legal and regulatory risks
  • Eases the burden on institutional purchasing offices

Additional Information

Service charges: Institutions will not be charged for the Procurement Training service.

Participation: This service is mandatory for comprehensive institutions.


Primary contact:
Rhonda Loger, Director of Procurement

Secondary contact:
Procurement Department