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Student Information Systems

Service Description

The Student Information Systems (SIS) service provides a wide range of administrative and support services to assist with or fully administer and manage institutional student information systems.

A wide range of services will be available to subscribers, including:

  • Performing all or a subset of the necessary functions to maintain and update the Student Information System, including updating functionality, code and system configurations
  • Applying bundles, fixes and security patches
  • Developing interfaces and reports
  • Monitoring overall system performance

The service does not include hosting the Student Information System (managing the institutional databases or servers). Institutions will own and be responsible for the SIS and associated data.


  • Reduces duplicate efforts across institutions to manage and update individual Student Information Systems
  • Reduces the burden on institutions to hire or contract PeopleSoft experts who are difficult to find
  • Reduces duplicate efforts by creating and maintaining reusable integrations with System-wide tools
  • Ensures SIS security is kept current and consistently applied

Additional Information

Service charges: This service is available by annual subscription, with three tiers:

  1. Application Administration and Development Services – best value
  2. Application Administration Services only
  3. Application Development Services only (up to 750 hours)

Project-based Application Administration Service and/or Application Development Service is available for non-subscribers. An hourly charge applies.

Participation: This service is optional.


Primary contact:
John Perkins, Manager, Student Information Systems

Secondary contact:
Ty Letto, Associate Director of Information Technology & Deputy CIO