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Criminal Background and Sexual Harassment Reference Checks


UW-Shared Services provides criminal background and sexual harassment reference checks that are standardized and centrally processed in compliance with UW Board of Regents’ policy 20-19 and UW System Administration Policy 1275.  

Additionally, UW-Shared Services will maintain records and provide required data consistent with compliance requirements while managing the relationship with the background check vendor(s).

UW-Shared Services will:

  • Accept and process criminal background and sexual harassment checks for prospective employees and volunteers  
  • Manage automated systems and workflow between the applicant tracking systems, the UW enterprise-wide human resources, and the vendor systems engaged in providing these services 
  • Provide centralized support to navigate process and system and resolve issues
  • Obtain, provide, and maintain standardized releases and notifications for applicants, employees, and human resources staff 
  • Update employee records to track successful completion of required checks
  • Ensure criminal background rechecks are initiated by due dates  
  • Ensure autonomy for hiring authorities to review data or reports and make all hiring decisions 
  • Centrally manage vendor relationship and invoicing including coordination for internal reconciliation and billing    

Additional Information

Cost: Base funded plus chargebacks
Participation: Mandatory for comprehensive institutions


Primary contact:
Melissa Mayo, Assistant Director, Human Resources Business Partnerships

Secondary contact:
Nena Beier, Human Resources Business Partner

Resources for HR Professionals

CBC and SHRC landing page