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In partnership with UW institutions, UW-Shared Services provides impartial employment-related investigative services. Customers may select the components they need among the following:

Investigations of alleged policy violations or unlawful conduct. UW-Shared Services investigators will tailor the investigatory process to the needs of the institution.

  • UW-Shared Services investigators can take the lead and provide full investigatory services from start to finish, or
  • UW-Shared Services investigators can assist with the investigation by pairing with another investigator from the institution providing secondary or co-investigatory services.

UW-Shared Services will produce clear, thorough and standardized investigative reports upon conclusion of any investigation, giving institutional decision makers tools to respond to and resolve complaints.

Workplace climate studies. UW-Shared Services will work to obtain an assessment of an employing unit’s experiences related to the functioning of their team or department. Data will be analyzed and patterns identified where organizational strength or issues of concern exist.

Mediation. UW-Shared Services will provide mediation to assist employees in reaching a resolution to their conflict. Mediation can be particularly helpful when employees have conflicting views of facts, policies or laws.

Trainings. UW-Shared Services’ trainings on this topic include:

  • Investigations of Employee Misconduct – Best Practices
  • Disciplinary Process
  • Hearing Panel Duties and Responsibilities

Additional Information

Cost: Funding models are being finalized
Participation: Optional for comprehensive institutions


UW-Shared Services investigative services may only be requested by an administrative official at a UW System institution.

Primary contact:
Kelly Thomas, Assistant Director of Employee Relations & Diversity

Secondary contacts:
Christine Buswell, Investigator

Richard Thal, Investigator