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Mandatory Employee Training


UW-Shared Services provides the delivery and reporting on required compliance trainings for all institutional employees. The trainings could be required by UW System policy or statute/regulations on the local, state or federal level. Currently, the service includes trainings in:

  • Title IX: Preventing Harassment & Sexual Violence
  • Information Security & Privacy
  • Mandated Reporter (Executive Order 54)

UW-Shared Services will handle several administrative aspects, including:

  • Enrolling employees via automatic email notification, with course reminders until completion
  • Monitoring employee completion status, including creating and sending reports of non-compliance to designated HR staff at institutions for appropriate follow-up
  • Managing the HRS and Canvas Learning Management System integration so that employee completion data is available in HRS
  • Prompting employees to re-enroll in the courses, as required
  • Development of other mandatory training courses

Additional Information

Cost: No charge for institutions
Participation: Mandatory for comprehensive institutions


Primary contact:
Melissa Mayo, Assistant Director
HR Business Partnerships

Secondary contact:
Derek Allen, HR Compliance Officer