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Time & Leave Administration


The Time & Leave Administration service provides customers with all payroll and leave processing activities needed to complete the monthly and bi-weekly payroll cycles.

UW-Shared Services will perform the following activities:

Employee Support

  • Answer employee questions about payroll, timesheet, and absence entry
  • Communications regarding time/leave schedules and procedures for new employees
  • Time & leave approver set-up

Payroll Support

  • Bi-weekly and monthly payroll cycle processing
  • Compensation, time entry, and supervisor approval monitoring
  • Lump sum payment entry and post-payment audit
  • Centralized audit support
  • Deduction entry & monitoring
  • Missed payroll & check corrections

Absence Management Support

  • Leave forecasting for separations and leaves of absence
  • Annual leave processes and employee communication
  • Leave entry, approval and missing leave report monitoring
  • Termination and transfer leave & payout calculations
  • W4 and direct deposit entry

Benefits Support

  • FMLA reconciliation
  • Student employee FICA participation
  • Student ACA compliance monitoring

Additional Information

Cost: No charge for institutions
Participation: Mandatory for comprehensive institutions


Primary contact:
Jenny Jenson, Payroll Service Delivery Supervisor